Interact with The Family Readers Set 1, Book 3 (Adobe Flash is Required)

These books are...

  • Four color: Full-color modern art sells the parents but it actually distracts early readers. Our simple, four-color artwork is pleasing and helps children focus on learning how to read.

  • To be used with supervision: Your time and guidance is required. You alone can instill a love of reading in your child.

Turn the pages by clicking on the right-hand corner.

Notice on the front inside cover:

  1. The Word Preview chart lists words and sounds introduced in the lesson.

  2. The moral value for this book is sharing. Each story teaches a value.

On the back inside cover is a comprehension check. It ensures that the reader understands the story. To improve reading comprehension, ask questions.

Set 1, Book 3 Comments
Title: “The Bag ”
Value: Sharing
New Words: and, sag, bag, gal, in
Consonants: b, g, d
Vowels: short “a”
Sight Word: in
Conversation Skills: After reading this book, talk for a few minutes about sharing play things with others.

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