How The Family Readers implement vocabulary

Vocabulary refers to:

  • The words we must know to communicate effectively.

  • Oral vocabulary refers to words we use in speaking or recognize in listening.

  • Reading vocabulary refers to the meaning of words we recognize in print.

Vocabulary is important because:

  • Beginning readers use words they know to make sense of the words they see in print.

  • Readers must know what most of the words mean before they can understand what they are reading.

Vocabulary can be developed:

  • Indirectly - when students engage daily in oral language, listen to adults read to them, and read extensively on their own.

  • Directly - when students are explicitly taught both individual words and learning strategies.

How The Family Readers learn-to-read phonics books address vocabulary:

  • They introduce over 2500 new vocabulary words throughout the 72 learn-to-read phonics books. These are discussed for meaning before the book is read. The new words in each book are found on the front word preview page.

  • Oral and print vocabulary is used with the books and the Writing Activities.

  • One or more value words are included on every front page review.