The Family Readers Phonics Method to Teach Reading is Timeless

The Family Readers are four color (enough to interest kids but not Disney-like where they stare) and will improve your child's reading in 3 weeks or less—GUARANTEED!

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72 phonics storybooks that feature entertaining stories and characters. Each book teaches a value such as sharing, resourcefulness or cooperation.


72 The Family Readers learn-to-read storybooks plus correlated writing activities to increase your child's reading comprehension.


Improve reading comprehension with more than 900 reproducible writing activities correlated directly to the Family Readers

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  The Family Readers on iTunes The Family Readers The Family Readers
Deluxe Set
Number of Books 72 72 72
Teacher's Guide No Yes Yes
Parent's Guide and Training DVD No No Yes
Writing Activities (2 binders) No No Yes
I am Learning to Read CD-ROM No No Yes
Best Value for Improving Reading Comprehension No No Yes
Your Price:  $4.99 $139.95 $249.95

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Literacy Research

How The Family Readers promote reading and phonics fluency:

Reading Tips

8 Tips for Reading With Children

  1. Lay books flat on tables so their covers are visible and attract the children's attention.

  2. Give your children something to look forward to by reading to them every day and at the same time if possible.

  3. Have your children read out loud to you.

  4. Listen carefully and make sure to praise your children's reading.

  5. Even after your children can read on their own, keep reading to them so they can enjoy stories and books that interest them but are too hard for them to read by themselves.

  6. Visit the public library often. Most libraries sponsor summer reading clubs with easy goals for preschool, primary and elementary students.

  7. Ask questions (who were the main characters, what happened, what part of the book did they like best) but don't drill them too much on novel content. Summer reading should foster reading for pleasure.

  8. Provide incentives and set an example by reading yourself.

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